Very interesting article about the features state by state that appeal to buyers. In Arizona it is a covered patio as a top choice! 

View the Top Home Features By State® researchers recently analyzed 1.5 million active single-family listings to compile a list of more than 200 individual home features from the listing descriptions. They narrowed down a list of the top five features for each state and then selected one with the most "local flavor."

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The analysis found that wet bars are particularly popular in Kansas, a state known for having one of the strictest alcohol laws in the country. Seven percent of the active listings currently list a wet bar.

In Oklahoma, a place that sees an average of 55 tornadoes a year, 6 percent of the homes for-sale list a storm shelter. In Oregon, home owners show a fondness for hot tub, with 5 percent of homes for sale currently touting a hot tub. In Michigan, the pole barns are popular – barns that use large poles to provide vertical structural support and are known as being cheap to build. Five percent of Michigan listings say they include a pole barn.

In Idaho, RV parking is a popular amenity, with 6 percent of Idaho homes for sale promoting they have it. In North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Indiana, and Minnesota, the front porch is a highlight. While in New Mexico, Alaska, Delaware, and Vermont, fireplaces are all the rage.

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Source: "Wet Bars, Hot Tubs, and More: What Home Features Rules in Your State?"® (Aug. 17, 2015)