Your home was listed with another Realtor and did not sell during the listing timeframe. 

Here are the Top 5 reasons a home doesn’t sell.

Reason #1 is price. Buyers are sensitive to price per square foot and if yours is out of line with other similar homes to yours it will not get the activity it needs to sell.  We offer a FREE Price Opinion of the value of your home.

Reason #2 is the stage. This includes first the curb appeal and then a clean and clutter free interior. We offer a FREE Staging Consultation and we stage all our vacant homes. Ask us for details.

Reason #3 is the picture story. Without professional quality pictures (and all 24 that we can show) and a virtual tour the internet surfer may not even put yours on the list. All our listings have the full 24 allowable pictures; a virtual tour and professional qualify presentation.

Reason #4 is internet presence. Your home needs to have a strong internet marketing plan. We have a 20 Steps to SOLD Marketing Plan we would love to share with you.

Reason #5 is accessibility to view the home. If a home is occupied it is critical that the buyer agents can get in touch with either the homeowner or the Realtor to schedule a showing and in the buyer timeframe to view. 

Reason #6 is lack of marketing. You must have a proactive FULL TIME Realtor who works the data for continuous improvement of your showings. We are both full time Realtors and are dedicated to your needs.