Take small bites out of your clutter and feel good about your progress step by step. As a Professional Realtor and organized of Homes for Sale I am always aware of clutter and how it eats equity. It is a hungry monster too.

It is easy for things to pile up so this week I decided to spend just 10 minutes for a few days in a row cleaning my closet. I was amazed at how easy it was to grab this extra time and just get it done. This was a productive week as now my closet is Someone, the baseboards and all shelves are clean and the shoes are neatly arranged.

One thing that I continue to recommend in a closet is a basket. Any time you try on an outfit or a pair of shoes that just do not flatter you anymore just throw them in the basket. When it is full donate to the charity of your choice. Someone might appreciate it, especially if it is a sweater or coat in the cold weather.

Taking small bites out of clutter is much easier to manage than finding the time to tackle the whole project at once. A whole house might be overwhelming but I know you can find 10 minutes to get started.

Stay posted for other quick and easy attacks at clutter.

Brenda Gonzalez
Lake Havasu City, AZ