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STEP 1 Pre-inspection

We invest time in you! Before your home ever reaches the market, Willie will walk your home room by room checking for the common home inspection red flags.

While we are not home inspection experts, we have 15 years of experience reading these reports and we have general information that will help you get your home ready to market.

  • We want to help identify potential problems that may scare a potential buyer off and allow you some time to select the contractors that give you the best prices when you make corrections.
  • We want to save you a lot of money and time discovering as many potential issues as possible before the buyer discovers them and tries to renegotiate the sales price.
  • We want to command top dollar by positioning your property as one meticulously maintained by an owner who demonstrates pride of ownership.

By identifying and resolving problems before your property reaches the market, we can make sure that your property will be able to command top dollar and buyers will be confident knowing that they purchased a property that is meticulously maintained.

STEP 2 Staging

We invest time and money in you! Brenda is an Accredited Stager with and was trained in Florida in the techniques that will show your property off in the best light possible.

Why Stage? Home staging is the art of preparing a home for sale.

Studies show that 83% of buyers say that staging makes visualizing the property as their future home easier.

In a typical home showing a buyer will be at your property between 10 and 45 minutes, during which time they will make a decision involving your property. They will decide how your property compares to other similar homes they have seen and how their furniture might look or they will skip right over this one and move on to the next. The job of an Accredited Home Stager is to show how your property can appeal to as many buyers as possible to get it sold in the shortest amount of time and for the most money.

  • Faster Sales Time-Reduced Time on Market. 95% of staged homes sell in 29 days or less compared to 90 days or more for a non-staged home.
  • Best sales price. Studies show that your prime time to sell is in the first week while it is fresh on the market.
  • Professional Image-Staged homes look better in market materials and on the Internet where most buyers begin home shopping. With the dynamic marketing opportunity of your staged home, we can get more attention, prospective buyers, and better offers.
  • Attract a broader range of buyers-Staged homes are more appealing and are recognized as the best properties to see.
  • Buyer perception as well as the perception of the home inspectors and home appraisers is that the home is a well cared for property.
  • Make a great first impression to allow the buyer to feel the property is theirs.

Together we can create a WOW factor that WILL sell your home faster and for more money in the shortest amount of time.

STEP 3 Photography

We invest money in you! Almost all buyers begin home shopping on the internet. 90% of buyers according to the NAR (National Association of Realtors) look online at homes at some point during their home shopping.

We use world-class photographers who are highly skilled at taking residential photography and who understand how light is absorbed in certain rooms, by certain pieces of furniture, how certain times of day are better for photography, and how certain types of weather are good or bad.

Once they take the pictures, they edit them, ethically and legally, so that they can be displayed online and offline so that your property stands out in the market.

We create virtual tours of all our properties from these pictures. In a town like Lake Havasu City, we get buyers who make the buying decision from these home tours. Depending on the home and the neighborhood we may use drone photography or night photography.

Our professional photography and presentation of this allow your property to stand out among the competition which will bring more activity that will find your buyer.

STEP 4 Dynamic Custom Marketing

We spend the right money on you! Once we get the first 3 steps completed it is time to show off your property to the buyers and make good on those promises to get you the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time. We do not mean blindly sending out your property on the MLS and leaving it at that. We want to find your likely buyer, and target that buyer at his/her price point, in a specific geographical area, and for a specific reason.

In addition, we use an ABC (Always be changing) approach to your property marketing. To us, that means a review of our marketing plan regularly and feedback from property showings to make changes if needed to adapt to the buyer's wants and needs or to bring more activity which translates to a faster sale.

STEP 5 Urgency

We work for you! It is vital in selling your property quickly and for the most amount of money that we create a sense of urgency. How do we create urgency? By knowing the market, knowing the numbers, knowing the property, and knowing how to work within our Realtor community to create an urgency for other Realtors to bring your property in front of them. We target our Realtor community with regular pitches of the benefits of your property.

We are a unique town here in Lake Havasu City and we have buyers in categories. We have snowbirds, boaters, luxury home buyers, golf course lovers, classic car lovers, families, and some moving to our town as a retirement home and more. In addition, we have people who love the gated community and others who want no restrictions. For the most part, we must create an urgency for your potential buyer and target that buyer.

Our policy is to always answer our phone and we accomplish this 99% of the time without our buyers or other Realtors going to voicemail. We want to be there when that important call comes in about your property.

STEP 6 Scarcity

I am sure you have heard about buyer vs seller markets and the statistics behind this analogy. Of course, this is a part of scarcity but even in a buyers’ market, we can create scarcity for your particular property. We do this by marketing your property by its unique features. These are features that cannot be compared to anything else of a kind.

We want to identify what makes your property different. Does it have a park-like backyard, a paradise-like pool, a view, a large garage, or shows best in class and category? We call this your story. We write this story to capture the buyer’s attention and make them see this property as something unique from all others and a must-see, buy it before it is gone sense of urgency.

Every property has something that makes it stand out. Even with land, it can be flat and ready to build or a view from the top.

You might not see this scarcity factor when you are looking at your home but with our knowledge and experience, we know what the buyers are looking for in your price range and we know how to create that scarcity of your properties stand out feature.

STEP 7 Negotiation

Oh, how we love this part of our work for you! Back to Willie here as he is a RENE (Real Estate Negotiation Expert) so as your Real Estate agent we will always negotiate from a position of strength.

We call this POWER. A skilled negotiator is:

P (Prepared)

O (Open to options)

W (Works with effective arguments and tradeoffs)

E (Effecting compromise)

R (Reaching and documenting agreements on a win-win note for the client)

His success at meeting these principles depends also on his relationships with his fellow Realtors. He creates trust and works ethically for the successful completion of a sale.

We will consistently position your property as one that is going to move quickly and for top dollar, using positive comments that will help support the sense of urgency we have created as well as the scarcity of your property.

This positioning will enable us to achieve the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time. Our list-to-sell ratio is beating the overall Lake Havasu City percentages.

Would you like to keep more of your money? Give us a call today.

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