Lake Havasu City Arizona is a beautiful town. We have an amazing Lake, miles of open trails for desert play and classic car lovers from across the country. This time of year is beautiful. The temperature averages around 80 degrees. We open up our homes and let the breeze flow through. With this breeze however comes some dust.

My staging for life suggestion this week is about dust. From one week to the next dust is obvious in our homes here. A recent Good Housekeeping article said that a typical 6 room house accumulates 40 pounds of dust a year!

Some dust is just from the desert but what about those dust mites that live in our homes too? A dust mite is comprised on human skin cells, fabric fibers, pet dander and dust mite excrement. How gross is that? If you are prone to allergies reducing these is critical to your health.

Dust Bunnies:
• Use a damp cloth to trap the dust rather than a dry one that just moves the dust.
• Do not use a feather duster. Again that is just moving it around.
• Spray your cloth not your furniture.
• Dust before you vacuum to let the dust settle first.
• Don’t forget the upholstery which is a breeding ground for dust mites. Vacuum this too.
• Put all bedding in the dryer to fluff them and remove the dust.
• Don’t forget the lampshades.
• Window blinds should be taken down and washed about twice a year to keep them nice.
• My personal favorite is to buy new bed pillows. They are cheap and should be replaced twice a year.

I have also learned recently that most bedding can be washed even if the label says to dry clean only.  Go on line and find all kinds of tips and suggestions for this.

This month while staging for life think about how you can minimize the dust in your own home. I can live with the desert dust but I don’t want the other kind.

Spring is here and this month go ahead and get rid of some accumulation of dust!

See you in Lake Havasu!

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