Remember the week you moved into your home? Everything was clean and everything had a place. You did not move in clutter. Before you moved you went through the stuff. You threw away the trash, gave away the things that still worked but were no longer needed and brought only what you “needed” to the new place. This is the process that most people go through with a move.

Fast forward 5 years. Did you keep to the same standard? Most of us keep things we don’t need and often dangerously expired drugs and vitamins and yes even food! If you look around a room, any room will do to start, and do you see things you have collected that add no value to your life but just give you more work? My project this week reminded me of this new start when I moved to Lake Havasu City, Arizona. We have only been here 5 years so it doesn’t take long to accumulate junk.

My husband and I painted the cabinets in the bathroom this week. Before we did this we took everything out and put them on the floor in boxes and washed down the inside of everything. I went through each item. What is a keeper? What goes in the trash? I found a bottle of vitamins expired in 2008! Who needs 3 different mascara’s anyway? I had 3 bottles of conditioner. I guess I won’t be buying that for a while. What can still be used by someone else? An example of this is flat irons. My hair is not long enough for these. It will not likely ever be as I am now past that prime in my life for the long flowing hair. These usable items can either go in a yard sale bin or for me it just goes to a charity.

It is easy to “Stage for Life” by taking on one small project at a time. Are you up for your own small challenge today? Let me know how what you did and how you started your own “Stage for Life” program.

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