Home Tips: Luxury and Style on a Budget


Luxury and stlye on a budget

Designing your home with luxury and style on a budget is easier than you think. You don’t need a world-class designer at hand, or any design skills. You just need design inspiration and some of these tips to give your home luxury and style along with sophistication without it breaking your budget. It’s all about eye-pleasing illusions. Whether you are redecorating or looking for a quick update, these home tips for luxury and style on a budget will help you achieve your goals.

Before you can begin to make your home look luxurious and stylish, you must first give it a good cleaning and decluttering. When your home is not clean it there is no way it will look stylish or luxurious. And, if you have miscellaneous items and stored items all over your home, it creates a feel that your home isn’t worth much. These two steps will get you well on your way to luxury and style.

Budget Friendly Luxury and Style Tips

Textures – A variety of textures will help enhance rooms look instantly. When you have the same fabric and texture it tends to give a dull, flat appearance. Change up that bland appearance with a variety of throw pillows in various sizes and textures. This adds dimension and life to the room. If you already have throw pillows, you can recover them to save even more money.

Drapes – Hang your drapes high just like the expensive homes have them. This fools the eye when you hang your drapery hardware as close to the ceiling as possible. When you hang your curtains directly above the window frame, it’s just an ordinary look. Having the drapes hung from ceiling to floor will give the appearance of a loftier space. You can even create DIY drapes on a budget that will look amazing.

Bust – Get a bust. Most all professionally decorated homes have a ceramic bust. So, why not have one for your home? This will combine art, luxury and style to your home. You can find ceramic female busts for under $70 online.

Area Rugs – All luxurious homes have area rugs that add texture, warmth and color to the space. The larger the rug and the less furniture you add on it, the more luxurious it will look. You can find affordable area rugs with a little effort in searching. You don’t have to spend thousands on oriental rugs. Even if you have carpet, adding an area rug just gives the room a stylish look.

Crown Molding – You can update your crown molding look with premade crown molding corner blocks. This adds an instant luxurious look to any room and people will think you spent a ton on your crown molding.

Bathroom Mirrors – You can make your plain bathroom mirror look like a custom make mirror easily and affordably by adding a dressed up frame around it. You can select window frame or ornate molding from your local home store, have it cut to size, paint or stain it, and attach with wood nails or glue. It’s a super easy way to add luxury and style to your bathrooms.

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