Selling your Home? Tip #1
The most challenging balance is where to price. If you read real estate articles most will suggest that you get 3 Realtor opinions on this before you list. The idea is that you are a more informed seller. 
No, you should not automatically go with the highest value. Instead think about having a conversation with the Realtor that brought you the lowest value. Understand that data. You might get some valuable insight:
* Maybe the appraisals are becoming an issue
* Maybe your updates don't fit the 80% buyer wish list
All markets are different and the data about the Lake Havasu market says you will likely get almost 98% of your asking price. That means on a $300,000 listing price you should come in at $294,000. There are 2 ways to price and the attached pyramid says a lot. A new way of thinking is to price at $294,000 and hold tight for a full price offer. You get more potential buyers.
Oh wait you say "I am not in a hurry". Statistics show that the longer a home is on the market the less value a buyer sees. You will begin to get lower offers and sell at about 94% of the value or even worse, you EXPIRE. Both you and your agent have lost confidence. You are keeping your home show ready each day only to get no lookers. You start to think it is the Realtors fault. 
Your home, no matter where you live is often the most valuable asset you have. It is absolutely worth your undivided attention to get you to the most profit you can get. 
If you are ready to put up the For Sale sign remember this important tip.