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Healthy homeA healthy home and healthy indoor air quality are very important for every home no matter what state in the nation you live in. Mold can easily create unhealthy homes and contaminate the air that we breathe. Mold is sneaky and can easily grow in most any place in our home, especially since every home has some levels of mold in it already. Mold will grow behind drywall, under cabinets, beneath wallpaper, and many more places before we ever see it. Before you know it, you can have an out of control mold problem. Therefore, we have some tips to help you find hidden mold so you can keep a healthy home and healthy indoor air quality. Before we continue please note, if you ever see visual microbial growth or suspicious growth, never touch it. Do not try to clean it up yourself. You could actually contaminate your indoor air quality and cause you and your family health problems. Seek a professional for help first.

Healthy Home & Healthy Indoor Air Quality – Finding Hidden Mold & Preventing Mold

Ice Maker Lines – Ice maker lines are famous for going bad. Over time, the plastic line can crack and allow water to leak. If the leak is not bad, you may not notice it for weeks or months before you start to see or smell the mold. It is a good idea to pull your refrigerator out at least twice a year to check the line. You should replace the line every three years depending on the manufacturer. Some ice maker lines will last longer than others. Mold related insurance claims from ice maker lines cost insurance companies millions each year. Between the water damage and mold damage, a lot of repairs are needed. In many cases, the whole kitchen has to be restored.

Windows – If your windows are prone to condensation and heavy moisture, you should first find out why this problem exists. This could be an HVAC issue. Until repairs are made, keep windows as dry as possible. Even if you have to wipe your windows dry two or more times a day, do so. Mold loves moisture and will grow abundantly in its presence. If you keep your windows dry, you are depriving the mold of one food source that it needs to grow and multiply.

HVAC Units – In most cases, mold will grow in your HVAC unit and ducts because of the dust pollen that has collected within the ducts if the unit is not being used regularly. You should use your HVAC system daily to keep the air circulating through your home. Air circulation will help prevent microbial growth. If you suspect mold in your air ducts, you should have a professional company come out and clean the HVAC system and all air ducts and sterilize everything to ensure all mold has been cleaned and killed.

Dishwasher – Just like the ice maker line, the dishwasher drain line can crack over time and leak. In many cases this leak goes unnoticed for several weeks or months before it is found. By then, mold is present and water damage is extensive. Keep a check on your dishwasher drain line regularly and replace as recommended by the manufacturer. If you ever find extensive damage from a dishwasher drain line, contact your homeowners insurance to speak with them about filing a claim.

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