Staging to live is a way to keep your home clean, clutter free and ready to showplace ready at anytime. This article and many more are about simple things you can do just one step at a time to live this principle.

A few months ago I cleaned out my kitchen pantry and I wrote about it. I was surprised at the outdated food items. As I looked again at my pantry today I realized that December and January is a perfect time of year to complete this task on an annual basis.

There are 3 really good reasons to do this cleanout in December and January.
1. Food banks are low and there are needy people who could use what you no longer want.
2. Unless you are independently wealthy it is the one of the months where finances are stretched. 
3. You can verify annually that you are not serving your family food past its expiration date.

In order to not overwhelm yourself do one shelf at a time. Take everything out and wash it down inside. If the shelving is worn put on a fresh coat of paint while it is empty.

1. Toss the outdated products
2. Make a bin for non perishable denotable items
3. Start a grocery list using the items you already own.

I have learned that the internet has a recipe for everything so go on line and select an idea that uses your item in a new way.
If you haven’t started yet to “Stage to Live” consider this small task and get started. You will be amazed at how good it feels to live clutter free, just one small step at a time.

If and when you completed this project can you share what you were surprised to find?

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