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Start Searching. There is no reason to go anywhere else. This website is updated for always fresh inventory. Homes sold are quickly labeled and removed. Set up an account, it is easy peasy. Our team may call you sometime BUT we do not hassle you. You have choices and I want to be your choice!

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Choose Willie Gonzalez (Willie G) as your Realtor

You will find that Willie goes "above and beyond" your expectations in a Realtor. We are a small team with a lifetime of customer service experience and our goal is your success. Want an experienced Realtor with great negotiation skills? Want to save money? Want a Realtor that ALWAYS PUTS YOU FIRST? 

Once we contact you we can make a communication plan and get clear on your goals and timeframe. 

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We sell homes often the days they come up on the market and we will help you prepare to buy when you are ready. If you have a lender you are comfortable with and like to work with make sure they are licensed in the state of Arizona. 

If you do not have a favorite we have one we love to work with and we will gladly share the contact information we have specialty ones if you are building a home, buying a unique property, or a factory built in a specialty category. 

Let's find the ONE!

Willie will schedule a short meeting at the office to "meet and greet" and make sure we are positioned to make the best use of your time by showing you exactly what you are looking for. This is a collaborative effort and because you have been so great at identifying properties you will narrow down your list with Willlie's expert help and a few others that Willie finds also. Next is shopping!  Willie will schedule the homes or properties that fit your price budget and wants and needs. Together you will find the one you are searching for. 

Negotiate your offer

Let's put that negotiation certification to work! *Trust* In a smaller town like Lake Havasu City relationships built on trust earn respect when an offer is presented. *Value* Our team knows the market to steer you in the right direction as you sit down to talk about the value of a particular property to you. *Experience* With 15 years and counting and staying in the Top 5% of Realtors we can and we will use this experience to fight for you. 


Things start happening at a fast pace now. More team members join to make this purchase successful! Not to worry Willie has these contacts and he will organize and keep track of all these. Escrow is opened and you will have a Tile agency who will make sure the title is clear, hold on to your earnest money, and conduct all paperwork needed for a successful closing. You will have an inspection period that includes at minimum a home inspector and a termite inspector. You may need others. Your lender will get to work gathering up all the documents needed to get your loan approved. You finish this up WITH THE KEYS! 

But wait there is more! 

Your relationship with our team does not stop there! Willie has contacts for almost anything you want done to enhance your home or property. He has a list of landscapers, plumbers, painters, pool builders, and anything else you might need. 

ALWAY AVAILABLE After the sale:

Willie 928-846-6046

Brenda 928-846-6044