Read what you sign when you are buying a home. 
Almost everyone knows that the seller pays the real estate commissions. But I'll bet you don't know that a form exists that requires you, the buyer to potentially pay commission. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER would we (Brenda and Willie) ask you to sign this. We want your business but we want you to do business with us because of our experience or what we can do to negotiate for you. You should be on the lookout however no matter where you live or look for homes if a Realtor to asks you to sign one. It is a great idea for the Realtor but no benefit at all to you the buyer and it is becoming more commonplace in this competitive market. In a nut shell it goes like this. The form is called Buyer-Broker Exclusive Employment Agreement. 
* It can be in force for up to a year. 
* It requires you to work with the agent that had you sign it. 
* If that Realtor cannot negotiate well for you or fails to find you a house, you cannot change Realtors if you find a better one. Don't even think about going to an open house and finding your true Realtor match. 
* There is an entire section on compensation you agree to pay if you fire your Realtor and go with another one. 
Read what you sign and if you are not comfortable STOP. 
Of course all forms have a place and are good for legalities but if you want to keep flexible in your choices or are not a perfect match with your Realtor don't lock in. THIS FORM IS NOT REQUIRED FOR OUR PURCHASE CONTRACTS.