The changes to the appraisal process require that Realtors and Lenders do not know which appraiser we might get. They are rotated from a pool of available and licensed appraisers. 

Just as in any trade there are some that are better than others and knowing and understanding the market. Here in Lake Havasu we can even get an appraiser assigned from a neighboring city and those cities may be declining in value.

Concern over appraisal is not just a buyer issue. It affects sellers as well. If a seller takes an offer and the appraisal comes in higher they do not always breathe a sigh of relief. Often they think they should have asked for more money. In reality this is not always the case. We may have just not had as thorough an appraisal as we should have or our appraiser has a different set of experiences and data that is used.  

Until Real Estate gets back to a new normal we will continue to see pricing as a moving target and appraisers just like Realtors have to continue to evaluate this ever changing landscape of Real Estate and price is one thing that will continue to challenge us all.

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